Be sure to contact us with your picks for what to profile because MORE IS MORE.

More folks to celebrate, more amazing places to visit, more moments to cherish and with any luck plenty MORE where that came from! Just take a peak at our Timeline and you’ll discover – we’ve be a part of so many incredible projects over the years and that’s just the fun we’ve had since we started our online celebration of Canada’s East Coast with SEA AND BE SCENE back in 2010.

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And YES! There were plenty of remarkable events, milestones, magical moments and more that came before and we’ll be sharing those along with a whole bunch of new stuff right here and across our social media channels. And naturally that MORE IS MORE philosophy holds true when it comes to those who join in our celebration too! So if you have a great idea for a feature or know of an amazing someone we just have to meet, a special spot you’d like us to visit, a treasured recipe we’ve just got to try – be sure to contact us however you wish via the links below.

If you care to share your great Glimmers of Bliss please be sure to tag us when you post on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest too.

Is there an East Coast personality or Kindred Spirit you’d like us to chat with on SEA AND BE SCENE… And HEARD – we welcome your suggestions.

And should you be looking to connect regarding and of the services available via Rae of Hope Productions we welcome the opportunity to connect so please do so through any of the ways displayed below.

Thanks in advance for reaching out – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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