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Lesley Crewe’s newest novel brings readers from WWI England to 1960s Nova Scotia, following a spoon-stealing memoirist who inherits the family farm—and the family.

Lesley Crewe's next book THE SPOON STEALER released sept 15 2020

Born into a basket of clean sheets—ruining a perfectly good load of laundry—Emmeline never quite fit in on her family’s Nova Scotian farm. After suffering multiple losses in the First World War, her family became so heavy with grief and mental illness that Emmeline felt their weight smothering her. And so, she fled across the Atlantic and built her life in England. Retired, she now lives in a small coastal town with her best friend, Vera, a small white dog. When she joins a memoir-writing course at the library, her past unfolds for her audience, and friendships form. She even shares her third-biggest secret: she is a compulsive spoon stealer. When Emmeline unexpectedly inherits the farm she grew up on, she knows she needs to see what remains of her family one last time. She arrives like a tornado in their lives, an off-kilter Mary Poppins bossing everyone around and getting quite a lot wrong. But with her generosity and hard-earned wisdom, she gets an awful lot right, too. A pinball ricocheting between people, offending and inspiring in equal measure, Emmeline, in her final years, believes that a spoonful— perhaps several spoonfuls—of kindness can set to rights the family so broken by loss and secrecy.

A classic Crewe book full of humour, secrets, friendship, lovable animals, and immense heart.

“The Spoon Stealer” is set for release through Nimbus Publishing September 15, 2020 for more information click here.

Cape Breton based author Lesley Crewe

About the Author

“I love the ordinary moments. I celebrate everyday things.

They are too often lost in the race for something grand. I hold dear our humdrum routines. These accumulating hours make up our lifetimes and when we remember, it is always the simplest of pleasures that make us happy. These are the memories I create in my books.

Although born and raised in Montreal a hundred years ago, I live in rural Cape Breton with my retired husband. Our kids left us long ago, and now all our pets have died. (Not at the same time.) I got into writing as a way to avoid housework, and I’ve been on a diet for sixty-years with no success. I love books and animals and anyone who will rub my feet.”

Lesley Crewe

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Stephanie Beaumont

Storyteller/Creative Director/Producer/Host/Writer/Marketer/Designer/Dreamer/Coffee Lover/Movie Maniac/Red Sox Fan

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