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Get Social with Shane Nauss

Get Social with Shane Nauss

Hard to find a more sociable corner of the planet than here in Atlantic Canada – from concerts and kitchen parties to a chat over a great cup of tea – there’s an unmistakable spirit and a warmth you’ll feel no matter the season. Of course, when the great gatherings and one on ones aren’t an option – you can find the next best thing OnLine. That’s why we’ll do our best in this regular feature to help you Get Social with some of our favourite East Coast folks to follow on Instagram – like Shane Nauss.

Now for the sake of full transparency I will tell you Shane is my cousin Steve Nauss’ oldest son, and while that may have been my original reason for following him – I will tell you I fast became a fan of his feed and truly love seeing his posts and watching his stories too.

First off, if his handle @outthewoodss wasn’t clue enough – I can confirm you’ll be treated to the great outdoors – in EVERY kind of weather. In fact that’s what Shane loves most about life here on Nova Scotia’s South Shore.

“I love all four seasons. Hot summers and beaches, beautiful fall colours, ATV mudding in the spring. A lot of people don’t like our winters but you just gotta get out and enjoy it. How can you not love the sight of snowy trees and bright white snow on the ground?”

Yes – you will see plenty of beautiful scenery in and along the ‘Nauss Compound’ – based in Canaan,NS amidst a stunning lake and trees for days. Following Shane is an adventure through it all – most times from the perspective of his ATV.

“I love getting out and riding through the woods. Whether it’s with a group or a head-clearing solo run. And of course with my little man Cash. He’s turning into a little mini me on his bike and side by side and loves being outside too. Just being outdoors and appreciating where we live – whether it be a hike, sunset, or spending time at my family camp – you can’t beat it.”

Another great aspect of the his feed – family! Shane’s a great family guy and a wonderful dad too, so it’s cool to see that perspective on his Insta as well. And he wasn’t kidding when he said it – little Cash really is a a miniature version of his Daddy. Whether it’s doing auto repairs or most recently out building a shed with his Dad and his Uncle SeanCash is learning a ton about how to get ‘er done and living his best life while he’s at it!

So here’s the deal – if you love the beauty of Canada’s East Coast, you’re a fan of the great outdoors and of course… four wheelin’ and building things too – you’re sure to have fun following Shane Nauss at @outthewoodss

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