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Crooked Tail Folk Art is Fantastical

Crooked Tail Folk Art Feature

If you caught the October 26th Edition of The WAVE then you’ve already been introduced to Scarlett the Squirrel – just one of the wonderfully creative Crooked Tail Folk Art creatures handcrafted by Nova Scotia artist Jodi Isenor.

Crooked Tail Folk Art a

We first discovered Scarlett and a whole bunch her crazy friends at Going Coastal Fine Art & Furnishings in the Seaside Village of Chester, Nova Scotia and we couldn’t wait to connect with the artist behind these one-of-kind works of art.

Crooked Tail Folk Art b

Jodi credits his father for his affinity for folk art – but as for how he got started making it himself… well, we sort of have Jodi’s wife Karine to thank for that.

Crooked Tail Folk Art c

“My wife wanted to buy a folk art moose from Timmons Folk Art in Pleasant Bay (Cape Breton) about 3 years ago. I said ‘Why buy it? I can make something like that!’ She said ‘Yeah right’…and then she bought the moose. I came home from that Cape Breton trip, grabbed some wood, and made my first piece (Ella, our dog)….and to prove Karine wrong. Karine was pleasantly surprised!! That piece is still on display in our dining room.”

Crooked Tail Folk Art d

And Ella was just the first of many folk art creatures Jodi has created at his Seabright, Nova Scotia based studio – all of them whimsical, wonderful, and oh so imaginative! From utterly awesome cows and righteous roosters to joyful jellyfish and a friend fox to yes… his very own moose – Jodi Isenor’s folk art is full-on fantastical.

Crooked Tail Folk Art e

As for the source of Jodi’s inspiration – turns out that’s a great combination of nature and nurture…

Crooked Tail Folk Art Creator Jodi Isenor

“Aside from the various pieces of wood that catch my eye, William D Roach (pro-folk artist and a super kind human) in Cheticamp,NS has been very encouraging and said that I have talent – I laughed when he said that,” Jodi recounts.

“Like Bill (William) said, it’s fun to watch people smile at something you’ve created. Making fun and goofy pieces is a lot of fun as well!”

You can purchase Crooked Tail Folk Art at Going Coastal Fine Art & Furnishings located at 41 Queen St, Chester, NS you can find them on Facebook @goingcoastalfineartandfurnishings

For more on Crooked Tail Folk Art check out their Facebook page at @Crookedtailfolkart and Follow them on Instagram @crookedtailfolkart

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