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“Don’t Be Talkin'” by Harry Ingram

DON'T BE TALKIN' by Harry Ingram

About the Book

Don't Be Talkin' by Harry Ingram cover

Within this book you’ll find stories and recitations told by the incomparable performer Harry Ingram.

There are whimsical yarns of friendly moose and grouchy uncles, mixed with heartwarming tales about family and friends. You’ll also find yourself laughing out loud at some outlandish dialogue!

How about a group of elderly ladies who create a bartering system that almost takes down the economy? Or perhaps Christmas nearly being ruined due to a labour dispute at the North Pole? Then comes a heartfelt account of a father and teenaged son, armed with a bucksaw and axe, embarking on a woodcutting expedition. From tear-jerking dramas to those that will tickle your funny bone, you’ll find them all in here.

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NL born author and entertainer Harry Ingram

About the Author

Harry Ingram was born and raised in Arnold’s Cove, Placentia Bay, or as Ray Guy would call it, that far greater bay.

Reciting and telling stories has always been a core element of Harry’s upbringing. In his younger years, he was never shy of telling a joke, story, or recitation at a family function or kitchen party. He has always enjoyed sharing the works of others who have paved the way in this genre, but in recent years he has been putting pen to paper and writing his own material.

Harry has grown into an accomplished entertainer on various stages sharing his works alongside Hubert Furey, Dave Paddon, and Dave Penny as the popular group From Stage to Stage, and more recently, with Ken Parsons as part of The Liar’s Bench Show. Author Photo by Colin Peddle

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