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The Sidekick’s Summer Punch

The Sidekick's Summer Punch(1)
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Often by my side in the kitchen – I called on The Sidekick for a very special assignment…

Come up with an easy to make, pretty in the pitcher – summer punch that we could show off in SEA AND BE SCENE TV’s Porch Project Specialand she delivered big time!

Our quantities are based on whipping up a party-sized batch – “besides who has time to measure mama – it’s summer”.  As you’ll see in the show we have a very large decanter with a spigot for easy serving.

As a bonus – the recipe is easily spiked for the adult beverage seekers on your summer guest list.

You can watch our Porch Project episode in it’s entirety now by clicking here.


1 – Bottle of Cranberry Juice (46 oz/1.36 L)

1 – Carton of Orange Juice (1.75 L) our fave is the kind with LOTS of Pulp

1 – 2L bottle of Ginger Ale

Lemon & lime slices  for garnish as desired (or strawberries for “plopping”)

*SEE SERVING & TIPS for grown up ingredients


Pour everything in and stir!

It’s that simple


If you’re going to set up in a ‘serve yourself’ decanter – you’re going to want to keep it cold, so make a tray of ice cubes using the juice ingredients – this will keep your punch cool without diluting the flavour.  We popped in some berries to give it a festive feel.

To continue that easy going summer style – serve in mason jars!

If you’re going to be outside glue different colour buttons to the lids so folks can use to keep bugs out AND know which glass is theirs if they sit it down.

We recommend vodka or white rum be added to this punch – and we serve that in a separate decanter – add 1 oz (or 2) to your personal jar as desired. 😉

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