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Classified on SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD 2021

Broadcast Date – November 3, 2021

Now for the sake of transparency, I’m going to tell you 2 things.  Number one – today’s guest was one of the first East Coast talents I interviewed way back in April of 2010.  Even before the SEA AND BE SCENE had launched.  We were at the ECMA’s in Sydney when I was lucky enough to point a camera at Nova Scotia-born rapping phenom Luke Boyd – better known then and now all around the world as Classified. And the second bit of truth – I’ve been waiting more than a decade for my second chance to chat. Of course we’ve covered his countless tours and album releases and crazy long list of nominations and awards over the years, but we’ve never had an opportunity to connect one on one since then.  Needless to say, we’ve got a ton of ground to cover and the timing couldn’t be better since just last month he added “author” to his spectacularly long list of credits, and later this month he’ll be teaming up with a tremendously talented lot of fellow East Coasters for a huge concert event at Scotiabank Centre they’ve dubbed SUPERNOVA CELEBRATION.  So we’ll talk about all of that and so much more – including his upcoming project that’s packed with a stellar list of guest stars and the one song from his truly deep catelogue he doesn’t mind listening to again. Plus we’ll get a very big hint about a SUPERNOVA surprise guest and discover what drives Class to keep on creating. We’ll also get to First Things First – play a beyond long overdue round of INsights IN 10 and spin some of his amazing music along the way. So with all that ahead we best get to it. Here’s my conversation with the one and only CLASSIFIED. (you’ll find the player at the post of the post)

Find Classified online on his website on Instagram and Facebook too

For more about the book “Off The Beat ‘N Path” by Classified and to buy this book click here.

We played some stellar tunes on the show today and they’re all available on iTunes. To get a copy for your collection just click on the title – “Thoughts on Fire” Ria Mae with Classified, “Good News” Classified with Breagh Isabel, “Inner Ninja” Classified with David Myles, “Fallen” Classified

The SUPERNOVA CELEBRATION goes Saturday, November 20, 2021, at 7 pm in Scotiabank Centre. For more info and for tickets click here.


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