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Nothing beats being a part of something BRAND NEW! Especially when that means creating a BRAND IDENTITY with everything from the logo design and colour story to website, ads, videos and more. WAHOO!!!

For the most part our wonderful roster of clients at Rae of Hope Productions has been with established businesses, organizations and community groups, and while the projects on which we work may be new – an inaugural new event, a brand new product and fresh campaign – the visual branding of those clients has already been in place for years. Without question we’ve been brought in a good number of times – to get a business back on the tracks through Strategic Management and Brand-Building efforts, but rarely are we there at the inception. We did it for The Deck for sure as part of a Comprehensive Management of the project (you can read about that here,) and we did it again when we were brought on to work with Rock the Fiddle Events to create their Brand Identity and develop all the materials and content to go along with it.

ROCK THE FIDDLE Brand Identity

Indeed the mission was a fun one! The timelines were well… let’s just say intense. You see the Cape Breton based team was all set to host their very first ROCK THE FIDDLE – a three day music festival to be held the second weekend of August. We first connected on the project in mid-May. Plenty of time to get a ton of stuff done right? Wrong! They were looking to put tickets on sale the following week which meant they would need a logo and color scheme, along with a new website reflective in vibe of their event (pictures, content, typography) plus launch materials too (posters, press release graphics, social media graphics and video creation and more.) So that meant creating the Brand Identity along with all the other visual elements required. It was a flurry to be sure of it but looking back on it now we’re so grateful to have had such an extensive impact on all the first impressions of the festival.

Needless to say we were thrilled when the ROCK THE FIDDLE team approved everything unanimously in that first week, and given our success during the launch phase – we were invited to continuing working with them on the Social Media side as well as ad creation and website management up to and including their first ever festival August 10 – 12. It means the world to have had a creative hand in such a lasting part of such a super cool event. Cheers to ROCK THE FIDDLE 2024 and to the entire team at Rock the Fiddle Events for giving us the opportunity in the first place. For more on their event visit rockthefiddleevents.com

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