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SABStv In The Workshop – Kindling Tree

We're Celebrating the SEAson IN THE WORKSHOP with The Sidekick to create a sweet, rustic, easy, and affordable DIY Kindling Tree. Watch...

We love celebrating the SEAson here on Canada’s East Coast and every year part of those celebrations include getting crafty. So with this year’s theme of Christmas TreesSEA AND BE SCENE TV host Stephanie Beaumont and The Sidekick head to the workshop to get busy. Truth be told this “Kindling Tree” has been a long time coming.  After seeing so many pricey wooden versions in home decor stores I was inspired to create a cost-friendly and festive version of my own. My goal was charming, sweet and ‘rustic.’

Now a few things to note – I use the term ‘rustic’ – but the word I should use is ‘simple’ or more to the point ‘without regard for measurement’,  because any attention to length was done purely by eye, and while that was honestly intentional on my part – I get why master craftsmen all over the world would cry at the sight of it.

Another point to note.  I borrowed a saw and, what with it being my first time ‘sawing’ anything, I got injured on my first piece of wood – so I was playing hurt for the remainder of the project.  But here’s the kicker – I’ve since bought my own saw and plan to keep on with my dreams of building a Kindling Tree empire (please no wagering.)

As mentioned in the video above – I got my wood from the lovely folks at Castle – Chester Building Supplies here in the village. They were with us for SABStv’s 2016 Spring Special, so it’s wonderful to have them be a part of our Christmas celebrations too.  For more on their store visit

Also – the all important bundle of kindling was made by the great team at Bonny Lea Farm in Chester, NSFor more information on their place and their fantastic products visit

Kindling Tree Supplies List

♦ bundle of kindling

♦ 2 x 2 cut to desired height

♦ plywood cut to desired width (for stability’s sake ensure that length is as long as your longest piece of kindling)

♦ finishing nails (small head)

♦ Christmas ribbon & green wire (optional)

Kindling Tree Directions
The Kindling Tree directions
  1. Unwrap bundle of kindling and layout best pieces – you’ll want relatively flat backs for nailing but the front and – sides don’t matter as much.  It should be noted there’s no real absolute when it comes to ‘length of kindling’ so if you buy in a bundling like we did your longest/bottom branch will be entirely dependent on the longest length of kindling in your bundle.
  2. The length of your longest piece will also affect the height of your tree and therefore the length of the 2 x 2.  We left about an inch from the base and then cut about 2 inches off as you go (as you ascend each ‘branch’ will be shorter by 1 inch on either side.  If you want to ensure a more accurate tree shape lay out pieces and pencil mark cut line after measuring.
  3. To measure desired length of 2 x 2 – allowing for space between the base and bottom branch and approx. 1/2 inch between ‘branches’
  4. Once 2 x 2 is cut nail to cut plywood base (using 2 nails will keep the tree from spinning)
  5. Nail branches on to 2 x 2 using finishing nails – we went through the front using only 1 nail so that branches can be moved and appear more ‘disheveled’, to achieve a more fixed look nail with 2 nails.  Also for a cleaner look, you can nail through the back -just be sure you have a nail long enough to go through the 2 by 2 and catch enough of the kindling when in place.
  6. If desired make a simple bow using plaid wired ribbon and then attach to the top of the tree.  For video instructions on how to make a bow click here.

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