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Bette MacDonald

Bette MacDonald on SEA AND BE SCENE... And HEARD

Broadcast Date – December 6, 2017

With bonus guests Maynard Morrison and Jordan Musycsyn

Well, it’s hard to find a more festive start to the month of December here on SEA AND BE SCENE…And HEARD than catching up with the award-winning and wonderful Bette MacDonald. The oh-so-funny Cape Breton-born lady is on the road with her hit holiday tour  – a matter of fact we caught up to her after the opening night of this eleventh season to talk about well…everything… from the creative process to life on the road, her work on Mr.D and her ‘Tis the Season co-stars – speaking of which – in part 2 of this episode we’ll be joined by Jordan Musycsyn one of the newer members of the touring team and in part three Maynard Morrison, Bette’s co-star on and off the stage will jump into the conversation. It was wall-to-wall talent in Truro that day to be sure of it – so let’s get started with the remarkable Bette MacDonald!

Bette MacDonald and Maynard Morrison with host Stephanie Beaumont

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For the record pancakes call for Baking powder NOT Baking soda – please don’t write me – I feel bad enough.

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For the record a Loyalist is a person who is loyal; a supporter of the sovereign or of the existing government, especially in time of revolt. A Royalist a supporter or adherent of a king or royal government, especially in times of rebellion or civil war.

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