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Ian Sherwood

Broadcast Date – June 27, 2018

It’s always a treat to chat with Nova Scotia’s multi-award-winning singer-songwriter Ian Sherwood – and sweeter still listening to his heartfelt lyrics and to tappin’ tunes. We’re catching up with the always touring artist just days before he’s set to take up residence if you will – at Halifax’s Neptune Theatre – From July 3rd through to the 29th Ian will play host for the first-ever ARGYLE STREET KITCHEN PARTY – a spirited celebration of East Coast Music with some of today’s hottest East Coast Artists – so we’ll talk about that and so much more including the joy he found making his brand new album bring the light – the adventure he took making his first CD and the many songs he’s crafted in between. So without further ado here’s my conversation with the one and only Ian Sherwood!

For all the details on the Argyle Street Kitchen Party click here
For a complete list of Ian’s Cds click here
For the scoop on Ian’s debut CD IAN SHERWOOD click here – we played “Foolin’ You” from that album and it’s available on iTunes here.
For the scoop on Ian’s latest CD BRING THE LIGHT click here – we played “Firefly” from that album and it’s available on iTunes here. We also played “Come Back To Me” on iTunes here and “Dig That Hole” on iTunes here.
Ian talked about watching DUNKIRK on the plane – you can get the scoop on that film here.
For the scoop on Ian’s producer Dan Ledwell – visit his site
Ian mentioned MT&T is that actually stands for Maritime Telegraph and Telephone
So how about me not knowing the definition of “Penultimate”? Click here for it

Website: Twitter: @ian_sherwood Facebook page click here Instagram: IanSherwood

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