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EASTer Bunny Cake

Classic EASTer Bunny Cake

This cherished EASTer Bunny Cake is presented with huge props to Betty Crocker, and not just because I used both her box cake mix and her fluffy white icing to create it.  When I was little…my Mom had a Betty Crocker Cookbook that showed all kinds of yummy designs and I remember seeing this bunny cake and thinking – that’s my kind of rabbit!  Still is – only now I get to make it with my little girl.

It’s true – the Cake Bosses have nothing to fear but when it’s all said and done – no dessert taste sweeter than one made when you’re having fun! sb


Box cake mix (I used the rainbow mix, NOTE: box stated ingredients to make.  If you’ve got time make it from scratch so long as you end up with 2 – 8inch rounds)

3 tubs of fluffy white icing (again make your own if you’ve got time and are so inclined)

Food Colouring (I use McCormick’s Neon pink for ears & purple for bow tie – but that’s your call)

Jelly beans

Licorice whips (ideally these would be shoestring black licorice but the sidekick wanted to try it with sour strings that’s why the whiskers are pink and not black like Betty recommended)

Shredded sweetened Coconut (optional)

Sugar sprinkles (optional)

EASTer Bunny-cake-steps


1.       Bake cake as per box instructions to make 2 – 8 inch rounds

2.       Remove from pans and let cool completely on rack

3.       Cover cutting board or extra large cookie sheet with tin foil – this will be where you arrange your bunny

4.       Cut 1 of the rounds as per the diagram – creating 2 ears and the bow-tie

5.       Arrange ears, head and bow-tie as per diagram

6.       Frost ears and head in white icing – you’ll need about 2 tubs to cover top and sides

7.       If you love coconut – feel free to sprinkle all over face and ears – we used white sugar sprinkles instead

8.       Mix food colouring into enough white icing to cover bow-tie – then ice

9.       Mix pink food colour into remaining icing to create the pink for ears

10.   Decorate – creating a face with jelly beans, licorice for whiskers, jelly beans for polka dots on tie, finish with sugar sprinkles if you wish.

EASTer Bunny Cake pink-coconut-300x226


If you opt for covering in coconut – you can colour coconut to match the ears by stirring in a few drops of food colouring.

Add two or three drops to start, then continue to add and stir until you match desired colour of pink.


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