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Chocolate Chocolate Trifle

Chocolate Chocolate Trifle recipe

I won’t kid ya – I have made this one a LOT!!! I’ve made it for pot-lucks, BBQ’s, baby showers, birthday parties…you name it.  I’ve even made it on every morning show I’ve ever co-hosted.  Case in point, as you’ll see in the video below, I had some great FUN making it with NL fella and dear friend Kurt Stoodley on A-Channel Morning in Ottawa (just before leaving to have The Sidekick). This recipe is soooo easy to make and never fails to impress.  No matter the age group this trifle is a WOW – especially when it’s packed in a fun bucket like this. As for it’s origin… I got it from my cousin’s girlfriend about 25 years ago. They’ve long since broken up, but I’ve stayed in LOVE with this Chocolate Chocolate Trifle!!!


– 1 chocolate cake box mix (and whatever that calls for to bake)

– 8 chocolate pudding cups

– 8 Skor bars

– 2 tubs of Cool Whip


Follow the instructions on the box cake mix for two rounds/squares…let cool completely

While you’re waiting for the cake to be ready smash Skor bars into small pieces (I leave them in the wrapper and whack them against the counter)

Then a trifle bowl or similarly deep (preferably clear) bowl layer as follows

Layer 1 – break/crumble one of the chocolate cakes into small pieces

Layer 2 – spoon on 4 chocolate puddings, smoothing evenly to cover

Layer 3 – sprinkle evenly 4 bars worth of smashed up Skor Bar pieces


Layer 4 – spoon on 1 tub of Cool Whip, spreading evenly

Layers 5 thru 8 – Repeat layers 1 thru 4 saving 1/2 a Skor Bars worth of pieces to sprinkle over the top layer of Cool Whip

Keep Refrigerated until ready to serve


This dessert can be made in advance – matter of fact the longer you leave it the mooshier your Skor bar pieces will get – your call on the crunch then right?!

I’ve even done these in single servings…you don’t need a fancy dish – here you can see I just used some tumblers.

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