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CHRISTMAS BY THE SEA by Stephanie Beaumont

Christmas by the Sea by Stephanie Beaumont
The story of how celebrating the Atlantic Provinces led to a brand new Christmas song created with some of East Coast Canada's greatest talents at an award-winning studio in Cape Breton...

Originally Released – November 23, 2011

I love this adventure!  This 24-7/365 celebration of the 4 Atlantic Provinces that is Sea and be Scene. I love meeting new people, discovering great places and profiling all of the things that make this part of the world so incredibly special.  AND – I love being joined on this journey by so many kindred spirits. Hearing from you in email, tweets, post comments and letters has been both supportive and informative. It’s wonderful to know that so many folks are enjoying the site. Interestingly (and no surprise really) – there has been one common theme noted by all those Atlantic Canadians who find themselves in other parts of the world. Those who look to Sea and be Scene for a smidge of back home – and that is how much they ‘wish they were here’.  It’s that common desire to be home – especially during the holidays that has inspired this new song entitled “Christmas by the Sea.” As for how it all came together… well, that just might be the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received!

CHRISTMAS BY THE SEA by Stephanie Beaumont

I co-wrote “Christmas by the Sea” with award winning super producer Fred Lavery!  I’m so happy to call him my friend too and I know that his producing this song included a lot of love and above and beyond attention at Lakewind Sound Studios. I’m blessed to have his support for sure. Fred also played acoustic guitar and bass on the song, and truly did so masterfully.

Christmas by The Sea musicians at Lakewind (1)

Stephen Muise was our magician on the keyboards. He played to perfection and rang d’em bells with the best of them. He also played the most ‘romantic’ sounding accordion I’ve ever heard and suddenly – I’m smitten (Stellar call Mr.Lavery !!!) Dave McKeough played electric guitar and as always did it GREAT! He also played the mandotar – the first time I’ve ever had that played on one of my songs…so very cool. And…there was a pedal Dave was dying to use that, sadly, didn’t make the ‘mix’, but rest assured I’m working on a groovy tune that may just require said pedal…so stay tuned. And then there was Colin Grant!!! I’m not kidding when I tell ya – I welled up when he started playing in the session. Fortunately he was in another room and will never know of this. I loved what he did – my goodness but he’s gifted! They all are!  I’m so lucky to have worked with all those fellas. Now everyone knows we’d be nowhere without Mike Shepherd (aka Sheppie.) What that fella can do at the board is beyond me. Engineering, editing, mixing, mastering – he’s got it down to a fine art of the finest kind.  He’s also the person behind the programming and percussion so there’s that and it should be noted for the record… he’s one snappy dresser! Sporting festive footwear at all – BRAVO!!!

And last but not least…huge props to Steve Nauss for taking the promotional pictures.

The photo shoot took place at Bayswater Beach, Nova Scotia on November 15, 2011 and while you wouldn’t imagine it…the temperature was +15 and sunny.

We did indeed luck out and while things ended up being beyond soggy and ever so sandy it was well beyond worth it.  

Thanks cousin Steve!

Christmas by the Sea on iTunes


The next tune I co-wrote with Fred was also a SEAsonal song. “You Are My Christmas” was inspired by The Sidekick and EVERYTHING she brings to the Holidays in our house.

You can find the full story behind the song here.

You can add a copy of “You are My Christmas” to your holiday collection – it’s available on iTunes here.

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