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The Sidekick's Raspberry Starlight Punch

Raspberry Starlight Punch
In honour of this year's theme of SEAing Stars - The Sidekick has created Raspberry Starlight Punch. WATCH & mix up a batch for your pals this holiday season!


Join Stephanie Beaumont & The Sidekick as they Celebrate the SEAson IN THE WORKSHOP and In honour of 2017’s theme of SEAing Stars – The Sidekick has created Raspberry Starlight Punch. WATCH & mix up a batch for yourself this holiday season – Cheers!!!

Raspberry Starlight Punch


♦ 1 litre Lemon Lime Pop
♦ 1 litre Cranberry Ginger Ale (if you can’t find this pop in your store – mix 2/3 litre of ginger ale with 1/3 litre of cranberry juice)
♦ 1 can of frozen pink lemonade (concentrate) slightly frozen
♦ 2 cups frozen raspberries, slightly thawed
♦ 1 lime cut into thin rounds
♦ 1 lemon cut in to half rounds for garnish
♦ 2 tray of ice cubes – half made with ginger ale, half made with cranberry juice)


1. Combine cold pop and slightly frozen lemonade in large punch bowl
2. Stir and add slightly thawed raspberries, then top with lime rounds
3. Add 1 tray of ginger ale and cranberry ice-cubes prior to guests arriving
4. place 1/2 lemon circles with cut for hanging on dish near glasses for guests to add as they go

Raspberry Starlight Punch bowl
Serving & Tips

Add second tray of ice cubes as the level drops and/or 1st hour of the party – this will serve to keep the punch cold without diluting the flavour.

In the segment we used our silicon ice-cube tray – which gave us the star shape.  You’ll note they are very small in size.  You’ll need to double or even triple up on the number of these cubes to equal the size of a regular ice-cube – gauge accordingly.

AND…. for the grown-up version you we suggest adding Vodka to taste or perhaps a Sparkling Rosé! ENJOY!!!

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