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SABStv In The Workshop – Rag Garland

Rag Garland with Stars
We're Celebrating the SEAson IN THE WORKSHOP with The Sidekick to incorporate this year's theme of SEAing STARS into a fun and easy DIY Holiday Decoration - Rag Garland. Watch...

We’re Celebrating the SEAson IN THE WORKSHOP with The Sidekick to incorporating this year’s theme of SEAing STARS into a fun and easy DIY Holiday Decoration – Rag Garland. Watch…


This year Stephanie Beaumont and The Sidekick are celebrating the SEAson big time! That means they’re in the workshop creating up a storm – with this year’s theme SEAing Stars. This segment features an oh so-easy no-sew Rag Garland.  Truth be told we put ours up way earlier than the Christmas SEAson – just to jazz up the joint – so feel free to do the same.

Rag Garland Directions

♦ Using a self-healing mat and cutting wheel – take your four complimentary fabrics and cut into 6 inch long x 2 inch wide strips. We sourced our material from Fabricville – and truth be told, we made a b-line for the clearance area at the back of the store for our 4 ‘close to coordinating’ fabrics. You can certainly wait until the latest fabrics come in for the season and spend as much as you like but with ALL the projects we had on the go this year – our goal was to save where we could. We worked with cotton quilting fabrics for this project as they cut easy with the wheel and have a good weight for tying.


♦ We tied our strips onto a natural colour jute twine as that went with our fabric – you can find that at any hardware or craft store.  These days you can find twine in a variety of shades to coordinate with your fabric, so be on the look-out and chose the best for your project.
The amount of fabric strips depends on the desired length of your garland – extend your twine across the expanse of your door frame, mantle, headboard, etc. and allow for both draping and loops on end for securing in place if necessary.

rag garland tying the strips

♦ Start at one end – tie strips to twine, alternating the four colours, then repeat until you’ve reach the end. Be sure to slide each fabric strip tightly against the previous strip so that no part of the twine shows between them.  Doing this will ensure a fluffier rag garland.


The canvas star tags were sourced from Michaels. Decorate or paint as desired and then, using coordinating ribbon, loosely tie to rag garland. Once you WATCH our video above you’ll see how simple it is to make and create one for yourself this Holiday Season!

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