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Broadcast Date – October 13, 2018

Today’s show was recorded a couple of weeks ago with a couple of guests who have been enjoying an award-winning time of it following the release of their film dedicated to the memory and music of Gene MacLellan called THE SONG AND THE SORROW. I connected with Juno winning sing/songwriter and star of THE SONG AND THE SORROW – Prince Edward Island’s own Catherine MacLellan on the phone just hours before a concert on the gentle isle and we’ll play that call coming up later in the show. I also sat down for a great chat with PEI filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes in Halifax on the eve of the world premiere of THE SONG AND THE SORROW at FIN The Atlantic International Film Festival where it took home the trophy for Best Atlantic Short Documentary. Of course, we didn’t know that then, or just how much the FIN audiences would love it… oh sure I had been granted a screener so I had watched the film in advance of our interview and I knew it was awesome. One thing I didn’t know, however, was how to properly pronounce the film’s writer, editor and director’s name. I do now… it’s ‘Milla-fee-oree’ Clarkes. And I get it wrong for most of the interview and Ms.Clarkes Gentle Islander that she is doesn’t tell me until we’re nearly done… stay tuned for that awkward revelation – but other than that I’ve gotta say sitting down to chat with Millefiore was wonderful – naturally, we talked about making THE SONG AND THE SORROW and so much more including – her search for love, her propensity for making great music videos and her plans for what’s next for her. So with all that ahead, I say let’s get to it – here’s my conversation – amidst all the Atlantic International Film Festival hubbub – with the one and only Millefiore Clarkes (no matter how you hear me say it…)

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