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Trio of Chats from FIN 2019

trio of fun chats on SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD

Broadcast Date September 25, 2019

If you’ve been following our SEA AND BE SCENE adventures over the years you’re familiar with the tremendous affinity we have for the Atlantic International Film Festival – it’s 8 action-packed days when movie makers, industry shakers and film fans hunker down in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia to celebrate cinema. Between the red carpet galas and hundreds of screens, the networking events, script pitches and parties – it’s hard to catch a few moments of free time with folks – but I’ve always found great fortune in the lobby of the host hotel – and so it was amidst the FIN Fest buzz of Lord Nelson Hotel & Suites that I connected with today’s guests – PEI’s award-winning filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes (SOLASTALGIA), Labrador born/Newfoundland based filmmaker Benjamin Noah (NEW WOMAN), the Executive Director of FIN himself Wayne Carter – all those conversations and more including some wonderful new music from amazing East Coast artists – indeed it’s a very busy show – so off we go!

SOLASTALGIA movie poster

Follow Millefiore Clarkes on Twitter @MillefioreC and on Instagram @onethousandflowers 

For more on her production company visit

For more on SOLASTALGIA the film click here

For more on the condition of solastalgia click you can watch Professor Glenn Albrecht speak on the subject here

Check out

For more information on Women in Film and Television Atlantic – the people, the programs and membership visit

For the scoop on those artists Millefiore mentioned click on their on their name Jenni and the Humming Bird, Vishtèn, Rachel Beck

We played Vishtèn’s Elle Tempête available on iTunes here you can watch the wonderful video Millefiore directed for that song here

Follow Benjamin Noah on Twitter @theark_1979 and on Instagram @theark_1979

For more on NEW WOMAN click here.

Check out Raymond’s Restaurant here.  Watch SABStv interview with the 2 Jeremys when Raymond’s first opened here.

For more on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE click here

For more on FRONTIER click here

For the record Newman’s Wine Vaults are “two massive brick and stone vaulted wine cellars, once used by the English mercantile firm of Newman and Company to age port wine.” not a bank vault like I suggested… sorry! Click here for the full scoop

For more on the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival visit

For more on the 2019 list of FIN Fest Special Guests click here.

For more on THE LIGHTHOUSE click here.

We played Mallory Johnson’s brand new single “Drunk Mind, Sober Heart” available on iTunes here.

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