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How the Tale of Two Jasons Made Me “Cry”

Jason Price & Jason Barry

This celebration of Canada’s East Coast has allowed for an incalculable amount of great fortune. Topping the heap of those riches is most certainly the amazingly talented folks who’ve crossed our path and shared what they’ve got on the go with us.

Some of those meetings are more serendipitous that others, however, like my connection to New Brunswick born/Nova Scotia based singer/songwriter Jason Price.

You see back when I was a Country Music recording artist I had the great fortune of working with mega-award winning musician, producer and songwriter Jason Barry.

Me and 3 of the HAPPY BOYS back in the day

Those days we were both based in Ontario, but Jason played in my band as we toured across the country.

While our careers (and life) took us in different directions – we’d always stayed in touch so when was launched back in 2010 – I was thrilled to be able to celebrate Jason Barry and all his New Brunswick roots. You can imagine then, how excited we were to learn last year that Mr.Barry and his family had come HOME to live and – in the process – relocate his multi-award winning Barrytones Studios in New Castle, New Brunswick. Wahoo – more to celebrate, but the story doesn’t end there.


Fast forward to this past February 2020 when Jason Barry called me to ask if I would like to sing a duet on the inaugural project at the now #NB based Barrytones – a song called “Cry” with Jason Price. Without hesitation I was on board and bananas excited to see the studio and be a part of Mr.Price’s sophomore CD.


We covered all the creative bases on SEA AND BE SCENE… And HEARD during the week before the release of “27” – so be sure to give it a listen here. We also discovered how Jason Price is the perfect example of how it’s never too late to find your true calling and how much it means to him to be back out and playing after months of lock-down. Plus we got to FIRST THINGS FIRST, played an enlightening round of INsights IN 10 and of course spun as much of his marvelous music as we could within the hour – including… the world premiere of our duet CRY!!! 

JASON PRICE album cover 27

We’ll have lots more on Barrytones Studios as the hits just keep on coming from Jason Barry – so stayed tuned for that.

For all things Jason Price visit his official website at Follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too!

To get your copy of Jason’s new album 27 click here.

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