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Susan Diamond

Susan Diamond on SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD 2021

Broadcast Date – January 20, 2021

I’ve gotta believe that after over a decade together regular fans of this East Coast Celebration have gotten to know me pretty well – but one thing that might just surprise you is my affinity for homes and home decor and all of that fun stuff. One scroll through my Instagram feed and you’ll find I follow all kinds of decorator accounts, and home builders and real estate agents – and if you were following them too you’d know that here in Nova Scotia the housing market is on fire!!! So for today’s show, I’ve invited realtor Susan Diamond to talk to us about the state of real estate in the province and get some advice for anyone out there looking to buy or sell their property. The other cool thing about having Susan on the show – well two things really – one she’s a pal of mine so there’s that but also because before her #realtorlife she was a part of the Nova Scotia film crew on countless productions – everything from dramatic epics like MOBY DICK with William Hurt and Ethan Hawke to SEA WOLF with Tim Roth and Neve Campbell to TV comedies like CALL ME FITZ with Jason Priestley and MR.D with Gerry Dee to the hit sci-fi series HAVEN – so we’ll get the scoop on that part of her world too.  Plus we’ll get to First Things First – play an enlightening round of INsights IN 10 and spin some of her favourite tunes along the way – so with all that ahead – we best get to it! Here’s my conversation with the one and only Susan Diamond.

Find Susan Diamond OnLine on her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook

We played some great tunes on the show today – all of which are available on iTunes – grab a copy for yourself by clicking on the title “When I’m Up I Can’t Get Down” by Great Big Sea, “My Favorite Things” by Julie Andrews, “Wintergreen” by The East Pointers

You can find a complete list of Music PEI nominees on East Coast Curator here.

For more on the Nova Scotia Film Industry visit their official website at screennovascotia.com

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