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We’re Collecting… LEAVES

We're Collecting LEAVES from Canada's EAST Coast

What is a Curator?

Borrowed from Latin cūrātor “one who looks after, superintendent, guardian,” from cūrāre “to watch over, attend” + -tor, agent suffix. Curators are responsible for assembling, cataloguing, managing and presenting/displaying artistic and cultural collections.

And with that, we begin our on-going series of incredible EAST coast collections – each with a specific theme – always with the goal of showcasing what Atlantic Canada has to offer.

We’ll put the call out and ask you to tag us when you’ve got something to add to our collection – we’ll share everything, feature our favourites and with your help we’ll show the world just how much there is to love here on Canada’s East Coast!

Our first up – we’re collecting LEAVES!

So apropos as autumn is upon us and the trees are showing their true colours – so YES send us pictures of sweet spots throughout New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island too.

But we leaf-lookers won’t stop there – we want to see it all – from jewelry and paintings, plates to pottery to wallpaper patterns and well – if it incorporates a leaf – you better be-leave we want to include it in our collection!

We’ll get it started with this incredible creation from Kiln Art’s Chez Glass in Chester, Nova Scotia – treasured beyond measure – a set of four received from dear friends.

And how about this sweet selection of leaf trays from Village Pottery in New London, PEI or these lovely leaf earrings from Whink in downtown St.John’s, NL.

Indeed – we’re on the look out for LEAVES… so please Show us Yours!!!

Be sure to tag us on your posts using #EastCoastCurator – and FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM TO KEEP UP WITH OUR COLLECTIONS!!!


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