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John Michael Swinimer

John Michael Swinimer on SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD 2021

Broadcast Date – October 13, 2021

Our chats will be just that very conversational, not entirely sensible and with any luck totally enjoyable.

Now of all the guests I’ve ever had on the show – today’s is the one that has known me the longest. He was there the day they brought me home from the hospital and – besides that one day he tried to get my mom to put me out for the mailman to ship away – he’s been a great big brother. He’s also been my go-to tech guy throughout the entire run of and now for East Coast Curator. Beyond that, though he’s beyond busy – with his work in Public Relations and with his cool website and podcast – True North Country Comics through which he promotes Canadian comic book creators and their supporters. Born in St.John’s, Newfoundland, he hangs his hat in Ontario these days but during his trip back to Chester late this summer – we sat down at my kitchen table to chat about everything he’s got on the go and then some – including must watch movies, TV shows and must-read comics.  Plus we’ll hear about the impressive contingent of East Coast comic creators and spin some super cool soundtrack tunes along the way. So with all that ahead we best get to it – here’s my interview with my big brother John Michael Swinimer! (you’ll find the player at the bottom of the post)

Be sure to visit  and follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook & Instagram too! You can catch up with John Michael himself on Twitter @jswinimer

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We played some great soundtrack tunes during today’s episode and they’ll all be available on iTunes. To get a copy for your collection just click on the title “Sunflower” by Post Malone & Swae Lee, “Heavy Metal” by Sammy Haggar, “Can You Read My Mind by Maureen McGovern, “Main Theme from Jaws” by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and “Take Me Home Country Roads” by John Denver

To listen to our first podcast chat with John Michael click here 

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