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I grew up singing and have been for as long as I can remember. Singing was encouraged. My Mom was always singing around the house and she was in church choirs and musical productions. When I was old enough I joined the youth choir and sang in musicals myself. My brother played the guitar and he too was in choirs and bands and if I was lucky he’d play for me and I’d sing lead. What’s that you ask? My father? Did he sing? Oh yes! He loved to sing. Wait – what? You have a follow up question… Was he a good singer? Let’s just say he loved to sing and leave it at that. Come to think of it – like Mom – he was always singing too. He’d come in the door with groceries singing “Hey Hey Good Lookin’ – whatcha got cookin’?” or “I’ve been everywhere man.” We’d take it as comic relief, but truth is… he loved to sing too – just like the rest of us.

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As for my love of lyrics – I know exactly when it started. I was 10. In fact I was exactly 10, because for my 10th birthday my mom and dad gave me my very first record player and my very first album. That’s when vinyl was the format and for a kid to get a big flat square present could only mean one thing…You were getting a whole album’s worth of music. I had singles or 45s as they were better known back then, but I had to play them on brother’s stereo – when he let me – and never on my parents’ turntable in case I wrecked the needle – but back to my story… THIS WAS A WHOLE ALBUM!!! I could play in my own room on my own record player – talk about a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What’s truly amazing is that all those decades later – that album is still my favourite. What was the album? Fleetwood Mac ~ RUMORS of course. I would spend hours singing along and reading those liner notes for all the right words. That’s when I made note of who wrote what and really… that’s when my appreciation of music and lyrics began.

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I’ll never get over the feeling of having my own albums. I mean being able to list “Recording Artist” on my list of accomplishments is truly a dream come true, but seeing my name in the liner notes as a writer of one of those songs I recorded – well that’s a whole other level of UNBELIEVABLE JOY – that will never waver. I’m ever so grateful to the songwriters who have welcomed me into a session or made time for me to connect and create. Thank you to Stewart Harris for our tune “Tearing at the Heart of Me.” Thank you to Lynn Gillespie-Chater & Kerry Chater for our “Marry Me Christmas.” Thank you to Jeffrey Steele for our “You and Me and Love.” Thank you to Fred Lavery for our songs “Christmas by the Sea” and “You Are My Christmas.” AND thanks again to Fred and our pal Aaron C. Lewis for our forthcoming collaboration “I’ll Give You My Heart This Christmas.” You can listen to all these songs (and get a smidge of scoop on each of them) in the videos below.

What’s that? Will there be more?! You best believe! Stay tuned… and say a prayer if you have one to spare. sb

This song was co-written with the late great hit maker Stewart Harris during the recording of my debut album “Love & Dreams.” Stewart was up from Nashville for the sessions at Lakeside Studios on Clayton Lake, Ontario. My first official co-write on my first ever album! THIS WAS BIG!!!
I co-wrote this song with the sweetest, most talented couple Lynn Gillespie Chater and Kerry Chater during a trip to Nashville – amidst the recording of my sophomore project. You know I LOVE CHRISTMAS and I can still remember the fun recording session as Tom Harding’s Tombstone Studios. This music video was shot in studio just outside of Ottawa, ON. FUN FACT – I came up with the first verse and chorus while sitting in traffic on Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway on the way to my ‘real job’ at CAPiTAL C Communications.
If you’ve ever met the mega talented, mega award winning singer/songwriter Jeffrey Steele then you can imagine how cool it was to write with him. Jeffrey was co-producing my album so you better believe I took advantage of that opportunity to write with him too. We were finessing the lyrics right down to the wire – I can still remember the day we nailed it. Jeffrey and Tom were with me at Lakeside Studios to work on the final two tracks – this one and “Moondust.” How lucky am I?!!!
Oh my goodness I loved writing this song with the one and only Fred Lavery and recording this song at his mega award winning Lakewind Sound Studios – you can read all about the story behind this song here.
The only thing I love more than Christmas is The Sidekick! She was my inspiration for this one (and truth be told everything I do) – it was so wonderful to reunite with Fred Lavery on the writing and oh how I loved his musical direction. From start to finish this song is EVERYTHING! You can read all about it here.

All these songs and more are available for digital download now on iTunes here.

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