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Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson on SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD

Broadcast Date: April 8, 2020

It’s always so awesome to connect with today’s guest – whether he’s doing stand up on stages around the world, or hosting TV specials like SHORT FILM FACE OFF or wielding the podium on weekly radio broadcasts like CBC’s smash THE DEBATERSSteve Patterson knows how to get the crowds laughing up a storm. Of course these days with the planet in pursuit of flattening the curve – crowds are well… nonexistent. But you had to know – even with the ‘stay at home’ order nothing could keep the comedian, author and oh so funny fella from creating a new way to entertain – and so THE STEVE PATTERSON PROJECTTT was launched last week – complete with a killer opening, funny monologue, great guests, musical performances and more. We’ll talk to the man about his new show – and you know it wouldn’t be SEA AND BE SCENE… And HEARD without a few games – we’ll do a little MORE OF LESS and launch a Crazy New Numbers Game in lieu of this COVID-19 crisis. We’ll also play some hilarious clips from Steve’s stand up collection too – so without further ado here’s my telephone conversation with the one and only Steve Patterson.

For the Full Scoop on THE STEVE PATTERSON PROJECTTT hit their Facebook page here.

Follow Steve Twitter @patterballs  Facebook @StevePattersonComedy

You can watch episodes of THE STEVE PATTERSON PROJECTTT on their YouTube channel here.

We mentioned a lot of TV Shows and Movies for more info click on the title OZARK, BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, THE OCTONAUTS, TIGER KING

For anyone playing the home game this is a picture of Robert Goulet, to see Will Ferrell do Robert Goulet click here 

We mentioned a lot of funny folks for more each of them just click on their name Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, Brent Butt, Steve Martin, George Carlin, Robin Williams

Steve can say it’s not true but with a hopeful heart – I still check every month

If you’re in Nova Scotia check out Steve’s brother Ross’ restaurant THE NOODLE GUY for info click here.

You can listen to our last podcast chat with Steve Patterson here.

We played The East Pointers “Wintergreen” available on iTunes here

You can watch episodes of The East Pointers’ #ANNEDEMIC – where the boys and their pals read a chapter from ANNE OF GREEN GABLES each evening by visiting their event page here.

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