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CHALK IT UP with Kurt and Steph

CHALK IT UP with kurt and steph

Yup! You heard right – we’re getting the team back together!!! So excited to announce I’ll be reuniting with my former co-host (and great pal) Kurt Stoodley for CHALK IT UP with Kurt and Steph.

For anyone keeping score, it’s been well over a decade since we last worked together doing live morning television in our Nation’s Capital on Breakfast at The New RO, but lucky for me Kurt and I have stayed in touch and become even greater friends in all the years since. True, geography and life have us working in different places and at different gigs, but there’s no denying our ability to talk up a storm over coffee hasn’t changed. So to that end, we’ve found a new place to channel our chat – Instagram Live every Sunday evening at 7:30pm for Kurt in Ottawa and 8:30pm for me here on Canada’s East Coast.

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As for the show’s title… CHALK IT UP… well, that’s the basis for the show. You see each week – we each get to chose a subject to write on the ‘chalk board.’ We’ll spend 5 minutes on each of those topics with a 3rd topic that’s either submitted by a viewer OR delivered by a special guest.

With any luck each episode should clock in around 20 minutes (3 minute intro, with 15 minutes of topics and a 2 minute extro). Truth be told – we’ve done a pilot episode #1 and a co-pilot episode #1.5 and while it’s early days so far we’ve gone way over time – so it’s hard to say just how closely we’ll stick to any sort of organized plan – but we promise to keep it interesting and with any luck… pretty entertaining too.

Please follow us on Instagram – Kurt Stoodley @kurtstoodley and me, Stephanie Beaumont at @therealseaandbescene so you’ll get the notice when we go live.


Drop a line below if you’ve got a topic you’d like discussed, a question you’d like us to answer or a guest suggestion for a future episode.

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