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Samantha Gracie

Samantha Gracie on SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD 2021

Broadcast Date – June 2, 2021

Now here’s the thing – true I’ve been at this for more than a decade, but with the massive amount of talented folks on Canada’s East Coast – I could go on forever and still not get a chance to chat with them all.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from covering their wonderful careers. Case in point Nova Scotia’s own Samantha Gracie.  We’ve featured her plenty of times over the years – from her many acting roles on the big and small screen to her musical releases and live performances.  We’ve even talked about her on this radio show a few years back when her award-winning father John Gracie was our guest, but this is the first time I’ll have a chance to speak with Samantha one on one – so clearly we’ll have plenty of ground to cover! Included in our chat – is the inspiration behind her just-released single “Lilacs” which she wrote during a trip to her late grandmother’s Cape Breton home last year. We’ll also talk about the beautiful video she’s released to support the song and the incredible family who’s supported her from the very beginning. Plus we’ll discover just when it was that she caught the acting bug and discuss her latest role as the successful yet spinny Kristen on THE INFLUENCERS. We’ll get to 1st Things First, play a long overdue round of INsights IN 10 and squeeze in as much of her marvelous music as we can within the hour. So with all that ahead – we best get to it. Here’s my telephone conversation with the one and only Samantha Gracie.

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You can listen to our podcast chat with Samantha’s award-winning dad John Gracie here.

We played some great music on the show – grab a copy for your collection by clicking on the title for the iTunes link – “Lilacs” and “Hometown Love” by Samantha Gracie, “Standing in the Dark” by John Gracie & Samantha Gracie

Here’s the video of Samantha Gracie & Tyson Geick singing “Joyful”

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