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Billy MacLellan

Billy MacLellan on SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD 2022

Broadcast Date – November 16, 2022

Our chats will be just that very conversational, not entirely sensible and with any luck totally enjoyable…

And what a joy it is to be back with you today – after what seems like an extraordinarily long hiatus that timed our perfectly – for a serendipitous sit down with A SEA AND BE SCENE… And HEARD who just happened to be in the neighbourhood shooting a feature film – so we’ll talk about the movie and so much more – including this forthcoming festive flick, his blockbuster action movie and his super plans to expand his award-winning short. PLUS we’ll learn of the creepy lead-up to his meeting legendary actor Christopher Lloyd, how he’s one up on Dustin Hoffman and how he ended up going to the movies with the man whose movies he watch as a kid. With all that more ahead we best get to it. Here’s my sit-down conversation with the one and only Billy MacLellan

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You can listen to our first podcast chat with Billy MacLellan from back in August of 2017 by clicking here and our New Year’s Special from 2020 here

Here’s that video with Shawn Doyle where Billy thought he was just like Tom Cruise in Top Gun…

We played some cool tunes on the show and you can find them on iTunes – just click on the title to get them for your collection – “She’s Like the Wing” by Patrick Swayze, “Glory of Love (Theme from The Karate Kid Part II)” by Peter Cetera and “Other Side of Goodbye” by Matt Andersen.

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