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Hopeless Romantic Special

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Broadcast Date September 13, 2018

‘Awesome’ is always the word for THE ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – movie makers, industry folk and film lovers alike descend upon Halifax to meet, greet, make connections, do deals and above screen pictures – from romance to drama, comedy to classics, creepy horror to moving documentaries – every genre you can imagine – from riveting shorts to full-length features – from all around the world and of course right here at home and that brings us to today’s episode where we’ll be shining the spotlight on HOPELESS ROMANTIC.  A film that will make its world premiere at a FIN Saturday, September 15th – and just like the film itself – we’ll bring together all kinds of talented East Coast Folks and Kindred Spirits to tell the story of this truly cool rom/com.

Now HOPELESS ROMANTIC is made up of a collection of stories all by different writers.  “The anthology feature film focuses on 50-something Anna, as she helps six different women navigate through relationships across an epic landscape of partners, emotions, risks and payoffs only to learn that, like most adventures, it’s absolutely not about the destination.”

So yes it’s a cool approach to a romantic comedy, but what makes this project so special – is that each of the film’s six stories is directed by a different female director. Nova Scotia’s Megan Wennberg and Stephanie Clattenburg joined forces with Newfoundland directors Deanne Foley, Ruth Lawrence, Martine Blue and Latonia Hartery – each woman putting her own unique touch into weaving this true tapestry of a film.

Our HOPELESS ROMANTIC guest list today includes Producer Bill Niven, Writer/Director Deanne Foley, Writer/Director Ruth Lawrence, Producer/Director Latonia Hartery, and the film’s star Lynda Boyd. We’ll also catch up with FIN’s Executive Director Wayne Carter to chat about what’s in-store for this year’s festival.

For more on HOPELESS ROMANTIC visit their Facebook page.

For more on the 2018 FIN Atlantic International Film Festival click here.

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