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Thom Fitzgerald

Thom Fitzgerald on SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD

Broadcast Date: October 28, 2020

Now I’ve been waiting for a chance to connect with today’s guest for a long long time. Of course, we’ve been celebrating his many works over the years – from big-screen productions like the heartwarming CLOUDBURST starring Oscar Winning Actresses Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker to his dark and edgy award-winning TV series SEX & VIOLENCE starring East Coast’s own award-winning stars Jennie Raymond and Jackie Torrens to his most recent feature film – STAGE MOTHER starring Hollywood legend Jacki Weaver and Lucy Lieu – to name but a few – all of them multi-award winning productions. And as for the man himself – well I’m here to tell you New Jersey-born, Halifax-based Mr.Thom Fitzgerald – at last count had 59 awards to his credit including 9 from our own FIN Atlantic International Film Festival. And Among those listed there you’ll see SPLINTERS – a fantastic family dramedy Thom filmed right here in Nova Scotia which I’m ever so pleased to tell you is now showing on big screens across Canada and in the city of Halifax – it’s playing at the beloved Neptune Theatre until November the 8th. So we’ll talk about that special run and so much more – including SPLINTERS all East Coast cast and its incredible east coast soundtrack too. Plus we’ll chat about why in addition to being the writer, producer and director of SPLINTERS he wore the hat of editor too, we’ll talk about his stellar body of work and we’ll discover how the ever-creative Mr.Fitzgerald found a way to keep creating when the world was shutting down. We’ll also get to first things first, play a fun round of INsights in 10, spin some of his favourite movie music and remember a dearly departed friend and East Coast legend too – so with all that ahead here’s my conversation with the one and only Thom Fitzgerald.

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For tickets to in-person screenings of SPLINTERS at Neptune Theatre click here

To watch SPLINTERS OnLine throughout Nova Scotia visit

For more on the film and this special engagement visit our feature on East Coast Curatorhere

splinters at neptune feature on EAST COAST CURATOR

You can watch that special interview where the late great John Dunsworth sang to me here.

We played some great music on the show today and all of it is available on iTunes to get a copy of the song for yourself just click on the title “Wishes In Wells” by Stewart Legere, “Dig Into the Dirt” by Stewart Legere, “The Man That Got Away” by Judy Garland, and “Titanically” by Heather Rankin

Sorry for gushing so much over Harry Styles but … if you’re interested you can watch his video for “Falling” here

You can watch the music video that Thom directed for Heather Rankin here.

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