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Stewart Legere

Stewart Legere SEA AND BE SCENE and HEARD podcast

Broadcast Date – February 8, 2023

Our chats will be just that very conversational, not entirely sensible and with any luck totally enjoyable…

Now you know that saying… “all good things come to those who wait” – well never has that been more apropos than today’s show – cause after nearly 13 years of trying to connect – celebrating his work on SEA AND BE SCENE and talking about him with countless other guests on the show I am FINALLY getting a chance to chat with Nova Scotia born singer/songwriter/musician/actor/artistic director/film composer and truly cool person Stewart Legere and you’ve gotta know after more nearly 13 years I’ve got a ton of questions, especially about his Sold Out Valentine’s Day sho fellow creator and friend Kim Harris entitled YOUNG HEARTS that celebrates the soundtrack from Baz Lurhmann’s ROMEO + JULIET. We’ll also talk about how his music made its way onto the big screen in Thom Fitzgerald’s award-winning feature SPLINTERS, his sidesplitting stand-in for Jenn Grant in the cake-making scene of JENNY TOWN’S season finale talk about some truly delightful collaborations with awesome east coast artists like Terra Spencer and Rose Cousins. We’ll also get to 1st Things First, play a long overdue round of INsights IN 10, and spins as much of his marvellous music as we can within the hour – so with all that ahead we best get to it. Here’s my telephone conversation with the one and only Stewart Legere.

You can find Stewart Legere online Instagram and Twitter too

For more on those theatre companies Stewart mentioned just click on their name Zuppa Theatre, The Company Theatre, Ship’s Company Theatre

Here’s Rose Cousins’ GO FIRST VIDEO starring Stewart Legere and Stephanie MacDonald (while I said it was going backwards I’m thinking now it’s just the opposite of what you might imagine with a love scene… watch and you decide)

Be sure to WATCH Stewart’s incredibly hilarious turn at “cake making” in the Season 1 finale of JENNY TOWN here.

We played some amazing music on the show today and all of it is available on iTunes to get a copy for your collection click on the title “Brick & Mortar” by Terra Spencer with Stewart Legere, “Wishes In Wells” by Stewart Legere, “Go First by Rose Cousins, “Judy” by Jenn Grant & Kim Harris, and “Where We Are Going” by Stewart Harris

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