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Mary Colin Chisholm

Mary Colin Chisholm on Sea and be Scene and Heard

Broadcast Date – March 21, 2018

Well lucky for me today’s show was recorded in the Halifax home of award-winning actress, playwright and director Mary-Colin Chisholm – the sun was shining, the tea was flowing and the conversation was a great one. Now close to a hundred roles on the stage and screen, we would have needed a week to get it all said so we’ve narrowed it down to her recent TV roles in shows like HAVEN and FORGIVE ME – big screen work in CAST NO SHADOW and the forthcoming SPLINTERS and her new play HALF-CRACKED: THE LEGEND OF SUGAR MARY which is on stage now at Neptune Theatre, and we’ll squeeze in as many other productions as we can – plus learn about her hometown of Antigonish, get the scoop on some of her famous friends and co-stars, discover her process for choosing a role and we’ll even play a long overdue round of INsights IN 10. Indeed there’s plenty of ground to cover so let’s get to it! Here’s my conversation with Nova Scotia’s own Mary Colin Chisholm!

mcc with viggo mortensen

Follow Mary-Colin Chisholm on Twitter @ChishoMC
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I really did love Mary-Colin’s blend of tea – here she is holding the box – (we’re always looking for sponsor hint hint)
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Mary-Colin’s favourite tune “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash written by written by June Carter Cash and Merle Kilgore.
I couldn’t think of the movie title at the time but that major motion picture about Johnny Cash starring Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Pheonix but I did on the way home and of course it’s WALK THE LINE 
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